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Our Story 

A historical Southern California

wedding venue.

Agápe 1928 is a beautiful new wedding venue in San Clemente. 

Previously the San Clemente Art Supply, our building has a rich history as a special place that has sparked the imaginations of many people in our community.


Our hope is that the beauty and creativity that the building has held for many years will carry over into a blank canvas for your wedding day! The original Ole Hanson building with 1928 architecture has been preserved and restored to capture the character of its history but will also feel brand new. It has been thoughtfully updated to carry on the Spanish Colonial style of the San Clemente Village by the Sea. 

The name Agápe 1928 was chosen specifically with your wedding day in mind. Agápe is the Greek word for the "highest form of love, a deep and sacrificial love that transcends and persists regardless of circumstance." Our hope is that Agápe 1928 will provide you with the perfect place to experience the deepest love with one another and your community as you start your marriage. Additionally, 1928 is the year the building was built, and we wanted to include this because the history of this special space was very important to us.


Agápe 1928 will bring character to your wedding and provide a timeless space for any celebration. We can't wait for you to see it!

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